Coreless Induction Furnaces

SIR Manufacture and install a comprehensive range of monolithic refractories designed for use in induction type furnaces (coreless or channel) . Working on ferrous or non ferrous applications including aluminum alloy melting.


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  1. Full Range of castable materials available
  2. Capping and Sprout Materials
  3. Mica Based Slip Plane Materials
  4. Non-Wetting Zircon Based Washcoats and Pitching Materials
  5. Hot Face Refractories
  6. Ramming Formers
  7. Coil Mudding Cements
  8. Insulation Bricks and File Bricks
  9. Earth Spiders

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Channel Induction Furnaces

Whatever type of channel furnace you operate SIR have the experience and technical backup to design the most thermally efficient, safe, and cost effective refractory lining configuration available.


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Coreless Induction Furnaces: Steel Alloys | Copper Alloys | Aluminum Alloys | Iron Alloys

Channel Induction Furnaces